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Welcome To Queen’s Gate Gardens, Kensington

Queen’s Gate Gardens is a historical garden square in South Kensington. These Victorian gardens are enjoyed by their exclusive membership comprising local residents, friends and families. The Gardens are overseen by a committee of thoughtful volunteers, who work diligently to ensure their proper care and upkeep. They are tended by a full-time gardener and provide a garden oasis throughout the year. Preservation of these gardens benefits not only the residents but also the surrounding community in maintaining a beautiful garden space in the heart of London.

Latest Announcements

Friendly Reminder: No Pets & Rubbish

Members are requested to be considerate to the other members and take their rubbish out ...
2021-07-07 19:33:40

2021 Membership Fees Update

In previous years, we generally send out email reminders for the Gardens annual membership fees ...
2021-04-08 20:00:40

Garden Membership

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