Guests in the Gardens

As the weather brightens, the Gardens become busy with our members, their families and their guests. While we encourage members to enjoy the Gardens, we also want to remind you of four key policies regarding visitors to the Gardens:

1) Only 3 guests are permitted at any time.

2) All visitors to the Gardens must be accompanied by the Adult Member at all times. That means that should you need to leave the Gardens, your guest must leave with you.

3) Nannies or relatives can not bring guests to the Gardens. Only Members are allowed to invite guests: Members can permit a relative (children, siblings, parents, etc.) or a nanny to enter the Gardens. However, relatives or nannies may not bring a visitor.

Please note there have been several occasions where nannies have brought another nanny along with their children into the Gardens. Also, nannies have brought other children besides the family’s children to the Gardens for play dates, for example. Neither of these are permitted.

4) Guests should not be invited on a frequent basis. To make it equitable for all members, please do not bring the same guest on multiple occasions. If they would like to visit more frequently, encourage them to become members instead.

Remember it is up to the member to ensure that all guests, family members and nannies behave in accordance with the Garden rules. These rules were discussed thoroughly and developed with the needs of all the Gardens members in mind. Please remember to be courteous of other Garden members while you enjoy the Garden.

If you have any questions, please refer to the rules in the Members section of the website. If you do not have access to that section, please send an email through the Contact section.