2014 Open Square’s Day: 15 June

Annual Open Square’s Day

We will once again be participating in Open Square’s Day this year on Sunday, 15 June.

Open Square’s Day is the one day a year we open the Gardens for a small fee to the public. This day is our opportunity to show¬†off our beautiful Gardens and reinforce the value that the Gardens offer both the members and the surrounding community.

Every year our Gardener Manuel works hard to make sure that the Gardens look their best. We generally receive many compliments to the Garden with both the public and those in the neighbourhood who otherwise would not have the chance to see our beautiful garden.

Teas and Cakes

Again this year, Garden Committee Member Diane Parnell will be selling teas and cakes to benefit the Gardens. We encourage members to donate cakes, biscuits or other baked goods to this cause. Please contact her directly if you are able to make a donation at Parnellkim@aol.com prior the event.

We do encourage members to stop by for Open Square’s Day. Members can enter for free as usual with their key fobs. We look forward to seeing you there.