Why can’t we use balls or frisbees in the Gardens?

Balls of any size can cause significant damage to the plants and the lawn. Playing ball games causes more wear and tear on the lawn.  Errant balls harm plants, flowers and trees that must either be repaired or replaced. Balls can hurt other members, especially the more elderly or younger children.

In considering those members who would like to play games, badminton is allowed in the Gardens. Badminton is much less harmful on the Garden and provides a fun group activity. The playground equipment also provides an alternative.

We do want to remind you that neither balls of any size or frisbees are not permitted and may be confiscated if brought into the Gardens. For the same reason, no other racket games other than Bandminton and no roller roller skates, roller blades, or skateboards are permitted in the Gardens. Remember that Hyde Park is just a few blocks away and much more suitable for these activities.

The upkeep of the Gardens relies on its members cooperating with this rules and encouraging others to do the same.